About LevelUP Career Mentoring Programme

The pandemic has disrupted life as we know it. Economies, industries, and even individuals have had to reinvent themselves. With this constant flux of changes, youths have shared that they are feeling lost. Many have expressed anxiety about navigating their future careers. 

Would you step up to this urgent need? Get equipped to be a career mentor who can bring encouragement, hope, and guidance. Want to also level up in your own career? Being involved in mentoring also can boost your own. 

The LevelUP Career Mentoring Programme is designed to equip young adults with foundational career mentoring skills and know-how in the workplace and more. 

Designed and developed by My Working Title, a career design and consultancy firm, this FREE 2-hour programme (U.P. $399) will help you level up your career mentoring skills. This programme is organised in partnership with the National Youth Council. Upon completion of the programme, participants will receive a certificate. 

If you…

  • have the desire to inspire hope in others practically
  • are looking for opportunities to guide and support youths as a career mentor
  • want to learn skills to boost your own career

… then this programme is for you!

LevelUP Career Mentoring Programme Details

Programme Fees: Free. (U.P. $399) 

Programme Commitment: 2 hours online

All programme fees are fully funded by the National Youth Council.  

What You'll Gain from the LevelUP Career Mentoring programme:

  • Discover the purpose

    of career mentoring, career development strategies and why career mentoring is more important than ever.

  • Learn how to facilitate

    others in making better-informed choices as they transit through careers and life with practical frameworks.

  • Apply proven approaches

    for successful career mentoring sessions that lead to optimum results for both mentor and mentee.

Ready to Make an Impact as a Career Mentor?

This training programme (U.P. $399) is yours for FREE. Secure your seat, and embark on a journey of career mentoring!

Why Mentor?

Here's What Career Mentees and Mentors Say!

"My mentor taught me to achieve my career goals."

Gabriel Tan, working professional

“I decided to get a career mentor as I wanted to learn from someone with real-life experience. My mentor taught me how to communicate effectively at work, the inner workings of the industry I was in, and how I should brand myself to achieve my career goals. To my mentor, thank you for investing in me! Your belief in me has shaped the person I am today.”

"Thank you for giving me hope!"

by C. Tan, working professional

“In my previous job a few years ago, I encountered some difficult situations at work that made me feel lost and frustrated. During those difficult months, I’m grateful that I spoke to a career mentor, who gave me much-needed empathy and guidance. With her advice and insights, I was better able to face the challenges at work, and also decide how to assess future career opportunities. To my career mentor, thanks for helping to spark hope in me, and empowering me to make better-informed career decisions!”

"My mentor helped to evaluate my career plans and gave much-needed insights."

Nuh Haziq, Student and Podcaster at “Teenage HOOHAA!”

“With my career mentor’s expertise and experiences, I was better able to plan my career pathway. My mentor showed me how to set SMART goals, helped me to see the pros and cons of my career plans, and taught me to be realistic. To my mentor, I’m so grateful for you! Thank you for showing me new possibilities, helping me to navigate various challenges, and giving me much-needed advice based on my situation and resources.”

Overview of the Course

    1. How to use this Learning Platform

    2. About the Course

    3. Enrolment Form (data required by the National Youth Council)

    4. Course Overview

    5. Course FAQ

    6. Pre-Course Check-In

    1. Module 1 Overview

    2. VIDEO: Understanding Career Development for Career Mentoring (8 min)

    3. VIDEO: Differentiating Career Mentoring, Career Coaching and Career Counselling (2.5 min)

    4. Additional Resources

    1. Module 2 Overview

    2. VIDEO: Decoding Career Mentoring for Youths (13.5 min)

    3. VIDEO: How Can Employers Support The Growth Of Their Youth Employees (Interview with Andrew Tan, Country Manager, Wantedly) (12 min)

    4. Additional Resources

    5. Modules 1 & 2 Quiz

    1. Module 3 Overview

    2. VIDEO: Why are Trust and Rapport so Important and How to Build Them (6 min)

    3. VIDEO: How To Listen Well (2.5 min)

    4. VIDEO: How To Respond Empathetically (1.5 min)

    5. VIDEO: How To Guide Clearly (3.5 min)

    6. VIDEO: How To Ask For Feedback (1 min)

    7. VIDEO: How Do We Support And Challenge Our Career Mentees (Interview with Yvonne Kong-Ho, Career Development Practitioner) (16 min)

    8. Additional Resources

    1. Module 4 Overview

    2. VIDEO: Priming your mentee for the first meet-up (1 min)

    3. VIDEO: Preparation before your meetup (5.5 min)

    4. VIDEO: Generate/ Maintain momentum (2 min)

    5. VIDEO: How To Overcome Common Career Mentoring Obstacles For Success (3.5 min)

    6. VIDEO: How Do We Help Our Mentees Dig Deep Into Their Experiences (Interview with Kanchana Gupta, Founder, vLookUp.ai) (18.5 min)

    7. Modules 3 & 4 Quiz

    1. Congratulations + Last Few Steps to the Finishing Line

    2. BONUS Resources: Complimentary Career GPS™ Quiz + Career Journal + More!

    3. BONUS Q&A Videos

    4. Links to Mentoring Organisations + Mentoring SG Movement

    5. Post-Course Check-Out

    6. Course Evaluation

    7. Certificate of Participation

About this course

  • 37 lessons

What others had to say about the course!

Improve Facilitation Skills

Jian Zhi

The course has been really helpful in providing handles and helping me to change my mentoring style to be more facilitative."

Helpful Curated Materials

Shi Min

"Thank you team for the nicely curated course that comes with various video settings and transcript. Good insights and depth covered."

Useful Frameworks


"The frameworks were really helpful to guide me through the conversation and enhanced my confidence. Thank you! :)"


  • I have a question! Who do I contact?

    We're so glad to hear from you. Please drop us an email at hello@myworkingtitle.xyz, and we'd be happy to answer any questions you have.

  • What is a career mentor?

    A career mentor helps to share knowledge, experience, and expertise with their mentee. The mentor offers support in navigating their career paths. Together, the mentor and mentee strategise to achieve the mentee's career goals. Career mentoring is usually voluntary. Mentorship can happen in an organisation, industry, and also outside of it.

  • What are the certification requirements?

    To receive a certificate of participation, participants would need to pass the online module quizzes with a score of 70%.

  • How long are the modules?

    We estimate that the entire e-course would take a total of 2+ hours to complete.

  • What does the certification mean?

    The certificate is a proof of participation and also that you've understood the basics of career mentoring. You can share it on LinkedIn, to also indicate your personal growth in 'soft' skills and also your volunteering efforts.